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We are able to provide the most accurate alignments you will find anywhere thanks to our Hunter alignment machines and our Master certified technicians. Our machine is continuously updated with the latest specifications and we can complete truck alignments on nearly any make or model of heavy duty truck, including twin-steer axle units, as well as trailer alignments. We have alignment machines at our Columbia and Duncan locations. 

Alignment Pricing:

Front Axle Alignment Only – $145

3-Axle Alignment- $280

4-Axle Alignment (Dump Truck) – Starting at $425

If you are curious about the benefits of keeping your semi truck and trailer aligned, please feel free to talk to any of our service team members or take a look at this publication from Hunter Engineering: As a quick summary, approximately 70-80% of trucks on the road have at least one alignment adjustment out of specification! Even slight variations from the manufacturer’s recommended settings can increase tire wear, create undesirable handling characteristics, and even compromise maximum fuel efficiency.