Available Brands

Road Choice TV

  • Road Choice Anti-Freeze & Coolant   
  • Road Choice TV | Episode 1: Road Choice Manual-Adjust Clutch   
  • Road Choice TV | Episode 2: Road Choice Self-Adjust Clutch  
  • Road Choice TV | Episode 3: Road Choice Clutch Accessories

  • Road Choice Clutch Auto Adjuster  
  • Road Choice Clutch Adjustment Gauge
  • Road Choice Clutch Fiber Spacer    
  • Road Choice Clutch Flywheel Gauge  
  • Road Choice Clutch Installation Tool Kit  
  • Road Choice Clutch Manual-Adjuster    
  • Road Choice Self-Adjust Clutch   

 Road Choice Clutch Technical Training 12 videos

  • Chapter 1: Selecting a Clutch | RC Clutch Technical Training  
  • Chapter 2: Clutch Envelope | RC Clutch Technical Training    
  • Chapter 3: Clutch Installation Tool Kit | RC Clutch Technical Training     
  • Chapter 4: Clutch Accessories | RC Clutch Technical Training    
  • Chapter 5: Clutch Adjustment | RC Clutch Technical Training    
  • Chapter 6: Clutch Setup | RC Clutch Technical Training   
  • Chapter 7: Flywheel Basics | RC Clutch Technical Training  
  • Chapter 8: Pilot Bearing Basics | RC Clutch Technical Training  
  • Chapter 9: Clutch Brake Basics | RC Clutch Technical Training  
  • Chapter 10: Clutch Assembly | RC Clutch Technical Training  
  • Chapter 11: Self-Adjust Clutch | Road Choice Clutch Technical   
  • Chapter 12: Clutch Troubleshooting | RC Clutch Technical Training


DEX – Did you know we have a source for Renovated, Recycled, and Surplus parts? If you haven’t heard of DEX Heavy Duty Parts watch the video below and ask one of our parts associates the next time you in one of our locations.

COVID-19 Update

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be a source of concern and as the CDC has declared it as a pandemic, we wanted share some of the steps we at Shealy’s are taking to ensure the safety of our staff and our customers, as this is our #1 concern. 

Our teams are working diligently to follow the guidance of the CDC and SC/NC health agencies and we are actively keeping our personnel updated on preventive practices. We are committed to helping you continue to run your operation and we will continue to monitor and adjust our business practices to do so. 

Our locations are continuing to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis, our personnel are using the CDC recommended handwashing health procedures, and we are actively cleaning common areas like counters, devices, bathrooms, steering wheels, dash controls and door handles. We do offer online opportunities for sales as well as have email loops for all parts locations (see website or ask for help if needed) to allow customers to order without having to come to stores. We will continue to offer delivery and shipping options so that you may get your parts at your convenience. We are also pre-packaging orders where you can swing by and pick up and we will bring directly to your car, so you do not have to enter the building.  Our teams in our warehouse continue their daily cleaning to maintain a safe environment and our team is using extra care to fulfill your orders. 

We have instructed our teams to restrict in person visits unless absolutely necessary, to refrain from shaking hands or making physical contact to maintain the recommended 6 foot distance, and to sanitize anything after every customer. We ask you to please keep others in mind as well and not ensure that if you have a fever you notify your employer and as well and not risk spreading the virus. We have instructed all employees that anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, or the flu, to remain at home until they have no fever and have clearance to return to work safely. For the safety of our employees, if you are sick or have a fever please notify our staff prior to coming into building and we will try to find a way to serve you safely. 

Our #1 focus is the health and safety of our employees and our customers and we realize that in our industry we must retain an “in person” environment in order to keep trucks running that are delivering all the supplies that are in shortage. When you see the stores fill back up with all the missing products, thank a trucker! And the dealerships that allow them to keep running. We are the fuel that moves the world in this industry and we will do everything in our power to continue to keep you rolling and our personnel safe so that they may continue to serve you. 

We hope and pray that a cure will be discovered and that the pandemic will subside soon, so we can return to our lives as normal. Until that time we will exercise an abundance of caution in order to help prevent the spread of this virus.

As always, we appreciate your business and goodwill. We hope you and all your employees remain well during this pandemic.

Please check our NEWS page under ABOUT US for daily updates to our operations.